Geniché and Geteema, Goddesses of the Earth, begat the mortal races of the world; Geniché bearing the first mortal women, and her sister Geteema bearing the first mortal men. The first daughters of Geniché and the first sons of Geteema have children, and the mortal races begin. From these first mortal children, arose the many sentient species that now populate the world. It is unclear, however, if all the mortal races originated from a single original form, eventually growing into the races we know today, or if Geniché and Geteema birthed the mortal races as they are now, in all their varied shapes, sizes, and colors. What is clear is that all mortals, civilized or savage, fair or monstrous, are all daughters and sons of the Earth, and are thus subject to The First Law.




Today, the most powerful and important peoples of the Earth are Humans, Elves, and Dwarves, for they are the builders of the world’s great civilizations. Halflings, never as populous or ambitious as the larger folk, were content to grow in the shadow of their civilizations and adopt their customs. These peoples, Men, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and their half-bred kin, view themselves as the “civilized” or “cultured” peoples of the world, the offspring of Geniché and Geteema.


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