The Cult of the Divine King

The Cult of the Divine King is the worship of Islik, The Divine King of Heaven and Earth, son of Illiki Helios, the Sun Bull.

As a mortal, Islik was King of Illia, and he sailed to aid Urune Dure, participating in the doomed thirty-one year defence of that lost city. In the battle’s final days, Geteema consumed Agdah Cosmopeiia, and Agdah’s son, Illiki the Bull, left the walls of Urune Dure to return to the Heavens and assume the Sun Throne of his father. Illiki became Illiki Helios, the Sun Bull, and he took over the solar duties of his father, Agdah Cosmopeiia, ensuring that golden Helios followed its route along the Sun Path each day. However, Yhera, the Queen of Heaven, did not greet Illiki as the new Sun, so gripped by mourning was she for the loss of her consort, Agdah. For years Yhera grieved and sought out Agdah in the Underworld, and in her absence the War in Heaven began, for not all accepted the new order.

Irre, the Black Goat, the Locust of the Wilderness, had been the last consort of Yhera to stand on the walls of Urune Dure, and the exiled Dureans held him as the Last Defender, who had brandished his courage at the howling hordes of Geteema’s children. And Irre looked about the Heavens and did not like what he saw. Agdah had been consumed, but death to a god, even at the hands of another god, is not a final state, and he shold have returned from his sojourn in the Underworld; but Irre instead saw Illiki on the Sun Throne.

Irre came to the Heavens wrapped in a mantle of dark fire and smoke, and came to the Court of Heaven and stood before the Sun Throne itself, and there he accused Illiki of abandoning the defense of Durea. Illiki freely admitted doing so: the Sun Throne had been vacant, and needed to be filled, and so he had taken the seat of Helios. And then Irre used these words from Illiki’s own mouth to condemn him further, saying that Illiki had seized the Sun Throne improperly and was a Usurper, as it was Yhera’s right to appoint the next Sun God, and that Iliki’s haste to claim power had sealed the death of Agdah Helios, his own father, by preventing his return.

Illiki at first laughed, thinking Irre insane to come and accuse him of such things in his own Court, but then realized that very few were laughing with him. Irre had done his work well, as had Amaymon the Whisperer, the Prince of Intrigue, and many of the Court had already had their hearts poisoned against Illiki. Fear and anger gripped Illiki then, and he cried out for his guards to arm themselves, and he flung himself off the Sun Throne at Irre and the battled in the Court of Heaven.

The Cult of the Divine King

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